Mil-Spec Packaging Products

Military Specification Boxes & Packaging Materials

Manufacturing packaging for military specifications requires a working knowledge of each of the mil-specs that are used. As Military Specifications can be labor intensive, at St. Tammany the comfort of our assembly line is of utmost concern. We provide comfortable, air-conditioned rooms for our teams.

St. Tammany uses close tolerance die cuts that allow greater precision (+/- .010%) with any material. Extensive experience allows St. Tammany to handle and prepare all materials in the correct method. Also, after dealing with precision packaging and Mil-Specs for so long, St. Tammany has developed secret methods for greater precision and lasting quality.

Moisture Content

St. Tammany has developed a way to keep the moisture content to between 6% and 7% instead of the required 9%. This method can be applied to most materials, such as solid fiber. Call today (601.799.0775) to ensure that we can apply this moisture reduction method to the materials you need.

Detonator Boxes

Detonator boxes are labor intensive, and require a high quality cork board to be manufactured properly. St. Tammany searched extensively until finding the perfect cork board available from only one supplier. This cork performs exceptionally well under the most strenuous conditions, and is ideal for packaging detonators as well as other MilSpec materials.

If you need coatings applied to the boxes, be sure to ask about available coatings. These include moisture/oil resistance as well as being fire retardant. Each of these coatings can be applied to the finished product, but needs to be requested at the beginning of the manufacturing process.